Color Your World

Things to remember: 

Color your world with a variety of flavors. 

I am hearing the song “Let the sunshine in”  

Take chances and explore.  Try something new at least twice a year.   

Travel to new places when you can and as frequently as you can.  

It doesn’t need to be far, just somewhere you have never been before.   

Move out of your comfort zone whenever and wherever you can.  

When you fill your life with different adventures it opens you up to grow and expand. 

Even in times of trouble remember you are not alone.   

Share your struggles, hopes, & dreams with at least one other person so they can be there for you. 

Take walks out in nature and connect with mother Gaia (earth). 

When you can walk barefoot on the sand and earth. 

Go and sit by a body of water. 

Be in the water.  Get your feet wet, swim, or even take a bath.  

It helps to cleanse and clear. 

Look up at the sky and notice it both in the day and night.   

Take in the sunshine and moonshine. 

Breathe in the air.   

Sit by a fire and watch the flames.  Feel the warmth. 

Meditate when and where you can.  Even if it is for 5 minutes out of your day. 

Indulge in your favorite food and dessert every once in a while.   

Whenever and wherever you can say kind things to someone. 

Let them know you you appreciate them.   

Tell them you love them,   

All of these sentiments  feel really nice to hear and equally as good to say it. 

Do kind and loving gestures for others. 

Do and say kind things to yourself.  It is important you be your best friend.   

Give and get hugs.   They help with endorphins. We all benefit from human touch and connection.   

Besides hugs just feel really good. 

Daydream about your life.  

Not only visualize it;  but breathe it and feel it.  

That is how you can begin to manifest it into reality. 

© 5/16/23 Merrill Black, LCSW