Just like the ocean tides ebb and flow by the power of the moon, so can we flow and transform emotionally, physically, and spiritually when tuned in to the movements of the moon across the sky. The 2022 Mystical Moon Journal guides you through the new and full moons of 2022.

Each month, we explore the new and full moon energies through ritual, visualization, and reflective journal prompts. Learn healing properties of crystals, plants, and aromatherapy while channeling your intuition through journaling, oracle, cards, and self-reflection.

The 2022 Mystical Moon Journal will help you:

Focus your intention to manifest your desires.

Strengthen your intuition through visualization, mudras, and movement exercises.

Explore crystals, herbs, and aromatherapy for each new and full moon.

Connect with your higher self with journal prompts, oracle cards, and self -reflection.

Flow with lunar energy to support emotional healing and expansion.

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