Merrill Black

LCSW, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, RYT, LFYP-2

Merrill is an intuitive empath healer who began her journey as a psychotherapist offering cognitive behavior therapy to clients. She believes in treating the “whole” person, mind, body, & soul. Merrill integrates a variety of modalities into her therapeutic milieus. Merrill recalls as a young child being sensitive to energy and just having wisdom beyond her years. Her intuitive knowing and abilities expanded over the last couple of decades as she delved deeper into alternative healing modalities.

As an empath, Merrill often feels things in her body and channels messages to her clients during their healing sessions. In addition, she channels messages from ascended masters, angels, and more in her guided meditation circles.

To find out more about Merrill she invites you to visit her at her individual website at www.merrillblacklcsw.life.

CONTACT: Phone: (914) 422-1511 | Email: hello@celestialradiancecenter.com

Merrill Black CRC Healer
Jo-Anne Salomone CRC Healer
Jo-Anne Salomone

CYT, Reiki Master, MS Counseling

Jo-Anne’s journey with yoga began in 2004 when recovering from a neck injury.

She became a yoga teacher in 2009 (Betsy Kase of Yoga Haven)

She is a Restorative Yoga Teacher (Training from Karen Safire) as well as a Kids Yoga Teacher (Training from Antonia Noonan). Jo-Anne is also a Usui Reiki Master (Training with Merrill Black). Jo-Anne teaches Vinyasa Flow & Restorative Yoga. She focuses on breath-work, flow, gentleness, & relaxation. Her spirituality, compassion, and connectivity shines through in her teaching.

CONTACT: Phone: (917) 364-1871 | Email: jas208j@aol.com


Zarah’s intuitive abilities became apparent to her at the young age of 5 when she just “knew” things.  She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She has offered sessions for the past 15 years.

Her specialties lie in tarot card readings, clearings, healings, and spiritual guidance. Zarah connects with spirit guides, higher self, past lives, and those who have passed on. Each session is unique depending on what is needed on that day for the client’s highest good.

She is a bright light; as well as a caring, genuine, kind, and humble healer.

CONTACT: Phone: (914) 315-7070 | Email: zarahcrc@gmail.com

Zarah CRC Healer
Reyna CRC Healer
Reyna Gonzalez

RYT, Reiki Master

Reyna was introduced to yoga while attending H.S. in the 1970’s. Years later she found breath-work and movement to help de-stress, balance, and center her as a working parent. Reyna felt called to become a yoga teacher in the late 1990’s. Since 1998, she has joyfully shared many styles including Viniyoga, Iyenger, Pre-natal/Post natal, Restorative & Lifeforce Yoga (Rose Kress).

Reyna emanates a calm healing wisdom while masterfully weaving in breath-work and modifying asanas (postures) based on an individual’s needs. She also invites in healing as she gently guides her students to mindfully breathe, relax, and release in their restorative poses.

CONTACT: Email: Reyna.m.gonzalez13@gmail.com

Kathryn Riccobono

RYT, Health and Wellness Coach

Kathryn found solace in yoga in her early 20s when she suffered from chronic upper back and neck pain. Her passion deepened and she became a yoga teacher in 2019 from YogaWorks NY ( Chrissy Carter). Kathryn incorporates both Iyengar and Ashtanga style of yoga along with shamatha meditation (peaceful abiding). Kathryn”s calm gentle nature helps others find confidence and joy in their yoga practice; while focusing on alignment, breath, balance, release, inner strength, and fluid movement.

CONTACT: Email: kathryn.riccobono@gmail.com

Kathryn Riccobono CRC Healer